Living a miraculous life requires genuine intimacy with Jesus, a solid biblical understanding of our union with Christ, and faith accompanied by risk. While nothing can replace your own personal Bible study and prayer life, I have found a few resources that have been huge encouragements to me along the way to living a life of miracles and I thought I would pass some of those along to you.


Ever feel like you just don’t want to spend time with the Lord? Yeah, me too. The times we least feel like worshipping Jesus are the very times we most desperately need to.

A life of miracles requires that we have our mind set on the things of the Spirit. (See Romans 5:8.) For me, UpperRoom has been a huge encouragement in this regard. Their worship is energetic, passionate, and most importantly, it’s genuine. It drags me out of the trenches of self-focused thinking and puts my attention squarely on Jesus. They are not the only worship band in my playlist, but they are certainly in my top 5.

Here are some of my favorite videos from them:

When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson

Heaven: A Life of Miracles

This book revolutionized the way I think about the Christian life. It teaches what it means to live from a Kingdom perspective and builds your faith to actually expect a life of miracles. The theme of the book is bringing Heaven to Earth.

The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t just a place we go when we die. The Greek word which is translated as “kingdom” in English, literally means royal power, rule, or authority. When Jesus commanded us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done, He was deputizing us to act as agents of His royal power! This truth is what makes a miraculous lifestyle possible.

Bill Johnson’s book, When Heaven Invades Earth shares practical teaching and encouraging stories that transformed these truths for me from a mere theological theory into a practical reality. I can’t recommend it enough.

You can pick up Bill Johnson’s book here.

Dan Mohler

Okay, I can’t point to a specific thing from Dan Mohler that has been encouraging to me, it’s just him. He is so full of a deep understanding of the Gospel and our true identity in Christ that it just oozes out of him everywhere.

As I stated earlier, a life of miracles requires that we truly understand the implications of our union with Christ. Few people teach that better than Dan Mohler. You can pick a video at random from him, and it will be great but here are two of my favorites:

Watching Videos of People living a Life of Miracles

Nothing has been more encouraging to me than actually seeing people live a life of miracles in real time. Every time I watch videos of people praying for folks in the streets, my heart leaps in my chest and I’m filled with faith for a miraculous life.

Videos from Todd White, Thomas Fischer, Peter Cabrera Jr. and more have been more encouraging than nearly anything else. We can (and should) get all the teaching on healing, miracles, words of knowledge, and sharing the Gospel we want but actually watching it happen is worth 1,000 sermons.

I don’t know everything all of these guys teach, and I can’t necessarily vouch for all of their theology, but watching them live this stuff out has catapulted my faith into the stratosphere. I live a life of miracles because I learned it from watching people like them.

Here are some of my favorite clips:

Bethel Church—Redding, CA

When I was first beginning to step out into evangelism as a lifestyle, I desperately desired to be used of God in healing. I didn’t know many people who were being used of God that way, but I began to hear testimonies from this crazy church in Northern California.

Up until this point, my paradigm for evangelism was limited to arguments for young-earth creationism and proofs that the victims of my evangelistic efforts were sinners and headed to hell. Then I began to hear about what God was doing at Bethel Church. They were seeing miracles and it led directly to salvation. Testimonies from Chad Dedmon about deaf ears opening in the grocery store captured my imagination and gave me proof that there was something more.

As I began stretching my faith for healing, I didn’t know anyone (other than my dad) that were cheering me on. I faced disappointment after disappointment, but I knew that there was a community of people at Bethel who would rejoice with me if they knew what I was doing. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am, and I owe that church a deep and profound debt.

If you haven’t checked out Bethel’s podcasts or teaching on healing, evangelism, or practically anything, please do yourself a favor and do it now.

Here is Chad Dedmon’s testimony about deaf ears opening in the grocery store:

Paid in Full: Healing Documentary

Full disclosure: I’m in this film. Yeah, I know, I’m promoting a film I’m in, but it’s awesome! I seriously watched this movie about five times and not just to pause the DVD over my 5 seconds of fame.

This documentary is engaging and incredibly faith building. It not only shows you real, mind-blowing miracles done through everyday Christians like you, but it actually teaches you how to minister healing to people yourself. Several people have been healed of various diseases including cancer just by watching the film. I highly recommend buying this resource.

You can pick up a copy of the DVD here.

Voice of God

This is another documentary from Supernatural Truth Productions. This film takes you on a real-life adventure in hearing the voice of God. You get to see everything from people getting prophetic words for folks in the mall in the U.S.A. to praying for gun-wielding gang members in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. And yes, I’m in this one too. (No, I’m not the one surrounded by gun carrying gang members.)

This documentary will not just entertain you; it will connect you to your own ability to hear the supernatural voice of God and share what He is speaking with others. The DVD comes in two parts:

  • God’s voice to you and
  • God’s voice through you.

This is an amazing documentary that has honestly propelled me into deep moments of worship. There is one part that is so profound that I broke down in tears and had to stop the film just to worship Jesus.

You can check out Voice of God here.

Living a Life of Miracles

These are only a few of the resources that have been helpful to me. I hope you enjoy them, and more importantly, use them to launch into your own miraculous adventure with Jesus.

May God bless you richly as you follow Him into the good works which He has prepared in advance for you to do.

Your servant,

Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash