5 Tips for Words of Knowledge + Live Demonstration and Healing

Here I give 5 incredibly practical tips for receiving words of knowledge. I have also included a clip of a demonstration of words of knowledge from a service I held at the Loft Church in Herrin, Illinois.

Amazing Word of Knowledge At Journey Life Church

In this service, a woman named Natalie was called out by the Holy Spirit. She almost didn’t come because of the overwhelming grief she was experiencing. She came anyway, just looking for hope. The Holy Spirit had her number.

A Sermon by JonMark on Intimacy with God w/ prophetic moments and healings.

This was such a wild night! Lots of healings, the joy of the Lord broke out, a few prophetic moments, and a powerful message on intimacy with God. This message will encourage you to dive deep in your walk with God.

Mike Healed of Severe Nerve and Tissue Damage From an Accident

Mike’s foot was crushed in an accident. His tendons were torn and there was significant nerve damage. he was in constant pain for years and his doctors wanted to amputate his foot. But then Jesus healed him.

This Man No Longer Needs His Cane

Sterling needed a cane to walk. His ankle was turned outward and he could barely walk without excruciating pain. Jesus healed him outside of the Alabaster House at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

JonMark on the “Unveiling God” podcast with Josh Adkins and Art Thomas.

Josh Adkins was kind enough to interview Art Thomas and me for his amazing podcast, “Unveiling God”. I highly recommend checking out Unveiling God. The interviews are incredibly encouraging and entertaining.