Does God Love Me?

“Does God Love Me?” See the Answer that Changed One Young Man’s Life.

I was getting ready for bed when Daniel messeged me: "Does God love me?" Daniel (not his real name) grew up attending church but eventually, his family eventually stopped attending and so did he. He still had a vague belief in God but had never surrendered his life to Christ. He viewed church people as … Continue reading “Does God Love Me?” See the Answer that Changed One Young Man’s Life.

Words of Knowledge

3 Easy Steps to Develop Your Spiritual Ear

Photo by Max Wolfs on Unsplash´╗┐ I have really good news; God is speaking to you and wants you to hear His voice. Prophetic gifts are not something a select few special people are born with. The Bible commands us to earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially prophecy. (See 1 Corinthians 14:1.) If the Bible tells us that spiritual … Continue reading 3 Easy Steps to Develop Your Spiritual Ear


Christians, You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Taking Antidepressants.

People are often shocked to hear I struggle with clinical depression. One dear friend, when I told him that I was depressed, stared with mouth open and said "You?! Really?!"

Yeah. Me. Sure, I've seen many healed of all kinds of physical and mental disorders, including depression, but I am in the process of being healed of it myself. While I have battled it off and on throughout my childhood, things really got bad for me about a year ago.

She Was Deaf, Lost, and Desperately Searching for Hope Until She Met Jesus.

Sarah came to the university where I minister this year. Excited to start a new adventure as a college student, Sarah was also hoping that her new adventure as a college student would change something. She was lost, hopeless, depressed, and desperately trying to escape her hell of a childhood. Sarah had no idea that at school she would meet Jesus, and that He was what she wanted all along.